Workshops and Events – Regenerative Agriculture Training

The following workshops, field days and tours are planned for the coming period.  We offer Regenerative Agriculture Training and Holistic Management education programs designed to allow you to develop your farm or business using holistic and regenerative principles.  We also present workshops on some specific regenerative practices for those interested in getting into these a little deeper.

Workshops and Field Days


Are you interested in a course or workshop in your area? If you have an idea for a topic, location or want to be involved with hosting one of our programs, gives us a call and we can discuss how we can arrange one in your local area with your support.

We are running a variety of workshops covering many topics and areas of regenerative agriculture, farming and business.  These include:

  • Intro to the Business of Regenerative Farming
  • Regenerative Holistic planned grazing
  • Regenerative farm financial management

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Looking for our tours and advanced courses

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