Business of Regenerative Farming Coaching

Get personalised one on one support for your farm business.

We offer coaching for farmers and farm business focused on getting you started on a regenerative path with your farm, business and personally.  Maybe you have already begun, we can work with you and your team to super charge how you are going. 

We deliver coaching one on one either in person and via video coaching sessions.  These packages can be structured over several months and start by fitting  in where you are up to in your planning and operation development.  We structure the process differently if you have attended a course such as the Holistic Management practitioners’ course or our new Business of Regenerative farming course with us.

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Once we have had a chat about your particular situation and where you are up to we will work with you to structure a program of support and coaching that works for you.   Our introductory package for a regenerative business transformation is for those that have not attended a course, and would include the following.

Kick starting your regenerative future

  • Initial planning session to work with you and the decision makers in your business to develop your business vision/context to provide the focus for all decision making
  • Decision making session to take you through the decision making process and start to apply this to activities you identify from your vision and goals
  • Business model review and or development working with you to design a business model of operation that fits your vision and context.  We utilise model canvases to assist with this process and they form the beginning of a business plan.
  • Undertake a farm business financial analysis expose all the strengths and issues within a business (existing or planned) and focus your efforts.
  • Financial planning session to review the analysis, identify the weak link for focus in each enterprise and help you set up your financial plans and priorities. 
  • Grazing planning session – If you are running a grazing business then we take you through the Grazing planning process and work with you to develop your grazing plan for the next season

Ongoing Sessions

Once we get you started, we then set-up a regular coaching catch up to review and discuss progress with you and the next stages.   This is great to just keep you on track and to give you another place to float ideas or issues.  These ongoing coaching calls go through activities, discuss options and set and track goals with you – our aim is to help you keep focused.

Additional Training included

In addition, we provide you with a complementary access to two of our webinars sessions.  These cover a variety of topics from business financial planning, regenerative land planning to other advanced regenerative tools application.