We are a family owned business creating opportunities in regional areas through the development of regenerative farming and sustainable farm tourism.  Based in the tablelands of northern NSW in Armidale, we work with farmers and businesses across regional Australia focused on developing, showcasing and educating people about a regenerative, ethical and profitable production of food.

Regenerative Farming Education

We run study tour programs focused on regenerative and sustainable food production, value adding and distribution. Working with farmers, educators and producers we develop specialised tours structured like a training course in Australia and internationally, that introduce farmers and others interested, to a range of regenerative farming systems and provide them with inspiration and education. The programs include farm visits, expert guides and workshop training sessions aimed at giving people an insight into what can be achieved.

We then link with a range of experienced practitioners and educators to give our participants access to support and follow up training, to help them apply what they have seen and learnt.

Farm Tourism Development

Through a partnered business model we work with farmers to host luxury sustainable accommodation in secluded locations to provide our guests with amazing getaways and experiences.  We work with other locals to develop and ecosystem of businesses providing packages of food, wine, tours, relaxation, adventure and other great experiences that allow our guests to experience the flavour of each local area.

Our host farms are chosen based on their operation of sustainable and regenerative production systems.  Farming that focuses on a long-term future for healthy food production through a focus on developing soils, the environment and a balanced system with healthy and happy animals.

Regenerative Farming

We are in the process of acquiring our own land so that we can be part of a sustainable future and produce food.