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Regenerative Agriculture Courses

Regenerative agriculture courses focused on creating a profitable and easier to run farm for you through regenerative principles and techniques, tools, sustainable food production, value adding and distribution. Develop your plan for a resilient future and be able to deal with drought and markets with less stress and confidence.

Regenerative farming tours through Australia and overseas give you access to successful farmers, educators and producer, that introduce you to a range of regenerative farming systems and provide you with inspiration and learning to be able to apply to your farm. The programs include farm visits, expert guides and workshop training sessions aimed at giving people an insight into what can be achieved and create plans for your farm business.

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“Graduates” get access to our ongoing support framework where we link with a range of experienced practitioners and educators to give support and follow up training, to help them apply what they have seen and learnt.


Our Farm Business – Regenerative Farming in action!

We farm as well using regenerative principles. Our property, Tarinore Farm, is situated east of Armidale and is our home based for grass fed beef and lamb farming and regenerative education. This block of land has 4km frontage of the Chandler River  and we currently have our pastured beef cattle and grass-fed lamb and sheep grazing enterprise operating using Holistic Management including Holistic Planned Grazing (planned rotational grazing practices). We also use methods of pasture cropping, biodynamics, composts (such as Johnson-Su Bioreactor) and other ecological management practices.  For updates follow our Instagram accounts – Southern Blue Regenerative and Tarinore Farm