Biodynamics Simplifications for Broadacre Grazing

Biodynamics Simplifications for Broadacre Grazing
Shane Joyce - biodynamics educator
Shane Joyce

I first met Shane Joyce in 1999 while I worked as a consultant in Queensland and he was working on the grazing management of his property in Central Queensland. This was well into his journey of learning about many different regenerative practices and applying them to small and large properties.  Starting out on a farm on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, in high rainfall environment, Shane began experimenting with different methodologies. Gaining some guidance from his extensive readings of permaculture, biodynamics, organics, alley cropping, Yeomans, and Fukuoka Publications, and working in an environment where land degradation and noxious weeds were the norm, Shane began to find some things that worked and others that did not.

In 2001, looking (as always) for something better, Shane started into the use of the Biodynamic methods.  It soon became apparent that the biodynamics he learned, was quite complicated, and not practical in the broadacre grazing situation he was working in. This then started his journey in innovation, and 7 simplifications of the application of Biodynamics to his situation. Now some 18 years on Shane has a desire to share his innovations, and to follow the indications of Rudolph Steiner to experiment with Biodynamics and share the successes (and failures).

So we are fortunate to have the opportunity to host a workshop with Shane Joyce. He is excited to share processes and tools of Biodynamics and his innovations for the practical application that we can all employ on our farms.

Tarinore Regenerative Farming Education CentreThe workshop will be held on our property “Tarinore” 35km East of Armidale on the 27-28th July 2019.  Secure your spot today

The Biodynamics workshop will cover

• Background to Biodynamics and its application to regenerating your soils
• The origin & basics of biodynamics.
• Biodynamics by “the rules ” and stripped back for simplicity
• Preparations – Soil, atmospheric, digestion, & decomposition
• Application methodologies
• Energetics in an energetic universe
• Creating infinite possibilities
• Dealing with weeds & pests
• Planetary cycles
• Creating compost and Creating soil activator.Morning and Afternoon tea supplied with options