Business of Regenerative Farming Workshop – North Coast and Northern Rivers

Are you interested in creating more profit, reducing costs and regenerating your farm?

Our Business of Regenerative Farming workshops will start you on the journey to grow your farm business.

Whether you want to improve your profitability, regenerate and improve your land or produce great healthy livestock with less inputs, these workshops will give you the practical tools to  get you started.

Join us for the Business of Regenerative Farming Workshop on the North Coast.

This two day workshop will provide you an introduction to Regenerative Farming and Holistic Management.  These are practical and easy to follow days that will give you a set of tools and actions to apply to your farming operation.

Date: 29-30 July 2022 – Book Now
Location:  North Coast/Northern Rivers Region –  Pearces Creek Hall


Introduction to Regenerative Holistic Farming
This introductory to the principles of Regenerative Holistic farm management including how we can ensure our farm operations are balanced to produce a better environment, create a profit and happy people.  We will also take you through the farm management toolbox and the why and how of regenerative holistic planned grazing, and work to create your first grazing plan.

Regenerative Farm Business Financial Management
This introduction workshop is aimed at getting you started on a process of improvement of your financial literacy and working to improve the performance and management of your farm business. And create a consistent Profit!

Come and work with Glen Chapman of Southern Blue Regenerative and have a great couple of days working on your farm business.  We will have fun and get into practical take homes to get you started.



Intro to Regenerative Holistic Farming and the Regenerative Farm Management Toolbox

We will cover the Regenerative Farm Management toolbox and how it gives us the tools to improve our land, produce great produce, and improve profit.  We review Holistic Planned Grazing and how it is not just for large scale grazing operations but is for anyone who grazes animals and wishes to improve plant growth and soil health using techniques and approach originally pioneered by Allan Savory.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Unpack the Regenerative Farm Management Toolbox and improve the results on your farm.
  • Improve your soils function that underpin our production systems.
  • How we manage within a complex environment and life.
  • Understand the principles of regenerative grazing management.
  • The Value of Holistic decision making and how it relates to Regenerative Holistic Planned Grazing.


Regenerative Farm Business Financial Management

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Plan to creating a profit – plan profit first!
  • Understand the financial performance of your business – even when you are not a finance person.
  • Focuses on performance and know what figures are really important.
  • Improve your business performance using the key profit drivers are.
  • Identify where to spend your Time, Energy & Money.
  • Leave with the steps to create your regenerative business model for your farm.


Your Trainer and Coach

Your trainer and coach for the day are:

Glen Chapman of Southern Blue Regenerative.  Glen has been working in regenerative farming for over 20 years and is an accredited Field Professional in Holistic Management with the Savory Institute.  Having worked with leading consulting firms as a trainer and facilitator, he has also travelled internationally researching regenerative farming practices and brings this knowledge and experience to helping you apply the learning from the workshop.  Along with training, educating and sharing his passion for regenerative agriculture, he and his wife run and manage two farms near Armidale on the Northern Tablelands of NSW, applying the principles themselves and supplying meat to their local region.




29 Jul 2022 - 30 Jul 2022, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Nth Coast/Nthn Rivers - Pearces Creek Hall



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