Regenerative Farming Course and Training

South Australian Farmers
Do you want to improve the Productivity & Profitability
Of Your Farm?


Our Holistic Management and Regenerative Farming Course will give you the foundation you need to create your REGENERATIVE FUTURE


Access the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your land and your finances and deal with change everyday

Holistic Approach

Learn how to deal with the complexity of what we manage to help improve your farm’s productivity and success.

Learn From Others

Learn and work with like minded farmers supporting each other to apply the learning to your farm.

Practical Course

Take the information and implement what you’ve learnt to your business as the course progresses.

Whether you want to regenerate and improve your land, or produce great livestock and improve your profitability, our Holistic Management Course has everything you need to get you started.

Partnering with nature to regenerate your land to increase productivity and profitability, we help you to:

  • Create a vision for your farm and learn about better decision making.
  • Develop your own customised grazing plan and make it work regardless of the conditions.
  • Get a handle on the financial performance of your business and use a simple financial planning & management method to ensure you make a profit.
  • Develop a monitoring program for your farm to measure your progress towards a regenerative future.
  • Create your action plan to implement what you learn step by step in your farm business.


Holistic Management Course

The Holistic Management Course is for farmers interested in making change for a positive future. Improve the productivity of your farm, your financial performance and improve the environment of your farm. We step you through the process that fits with your farming business.

During the course you will work with Glen Chapman from Southern Blue Regenerative, an accredited educator with the Savory Institute and a practitioner with over 20 years of experience with farm financial management, grazing management, holistic management and regenerative business development. The course covers the principles of Holistic Management and regenerative farming including grazing and environmental management, goal setting, sustainable living, farm financial management and analysis, and a simple decision making process you will use everyday.

The Holistic Management Course is delivered over a two month period with two three day residential components and includes online meetings, one on one video calls and peer group projects. This allows you to learn the new information, work with it on your own farm and business and work with a supportive group of farmers to help each other implement the learning.


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