Holistic land planning workshop

Join our webinar and get started on your Holistic Land Plan.   holistic land planningThe Holistic Land Planning process provides a clear structured way to plan the development of your land in-line with your Holistic Context/Vision and what you would like your Future Resource Base to be like. Your land plan allows you to design a vision for the land you manage so you can then create an action plan for your develop over time.  With a properly structured land plan the sequence of development can take many forms, but the key will be that you not have conflict between items you include a different times. For example fences and tree lines wont conflict with where you might put a major dam or a building, and roads can be developed to provide long-term durability and low maintenance.

This Land Planning workshop

This webinar workshop will take you through Holistic Land Planning to learn the process and apply it to your land.  The planning process utilises the Scale of Relative Permanence to coordinate the planning and eliminate conflict in the plan.  We also cover off how to decide where to start in developing your plan and what aspects to invest in first.  During the webinar we will also look at some practical budgeting exercises to help you plan your return on investment in enacting your plan on the farm.

Those that are ready to get started on your plan,  we can also develop a map for your farm*. You will also be invited to an exclusive  Q&A session so you can get feedback on getting started with your farm plan.

*Detailed maps available for NSW and QLD only due to data availability – contact to discuss if you are in other regions Holistic Land Plan Topographic Map
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30 Jul 2020, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



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